Welcome To The Club

You’ll discover a Country Club that’s all about you! The Richmond Hill Country Club has evolved into a first class four season retreat thoroughly enjoyed by all of its members.  It is a sports Club… a spa and fitness club… a social club a first class catering facility with a full range of programs for your family or corporate lifestyle all this and much more. Over 240,000 square feet of indoor facilities, surrounded by outdoor recreational facilities, terraces and inviting nature walks.

All in a central easy-to-reach location, as accessible as your own backyard. We invite you to visit us and experience the excellent service and activities by contacting our Lifestyle planning department for a complementary “Day On Us” guest pass. We will be happy to introduce to you all the Club’s year-round programs of fun activities and events, all designed to enhance your personal lifestyle.

Our Team

Club Director
Michael Pasichny mpasichny@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 276 Club Director
Jill McIntosh jill@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 273 Lifestyle Planning Director
Dante Young lifestyle@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 299 Lifestyle Planning Consultant
Conference & Catering Team
Lino Ferreira lino@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 241 Catering Director / Wedding & Mitzfah Consultant
Tracy Murphy-Moses tmurphy@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 282 Corporate Event Manager
Danielle Kezwer dkezwer@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 264 Corporate Event Consultant
Violeta Pojrazov vpojrazov@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 351 Social Event Consultant
Marco Porato mporato@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 268 Restaurant Manager
Tennis Performance Centre
Richard Hernandez rhernandez@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 225 Tennis Director
Sandy Lerer sports@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 227 Team Play Coordinator
Youth Sports Programs & Camps
Michael Silverman msilverman@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 242 Youth Director
Wendy Rom wrom@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 240 Youth Activity Administrator
Group Exercise & Conditioning Coordinator
Carmela Perri carmelaperri@rogers.com ext 272 Group Fitness & Conditioning Coordinator
Spa & Salon Services
Natalie Rossin spa@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 270 Spa Administrator
Administration Team
Maureen Arluck marluck@richmondhillcountryclub.com ext 335 Club Administrator
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